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How do people most often waste the prime of their life, 20-30’s?

We buy thing we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like

  1. Not caring about their health - when they don’t need to. Waking up at 30, 35 or 40, and regretting it
  2. Not taking risks - when they have the chance. Waking up with kids and a mortgage and regretting being so cautious
  3. Not investing - when they are still young and utilizing compounding
  4. Not traveling - and seeing the world
  5. Not staying in contact with family - and real friends.
  6. Not reading after university - and wondering why their career has stagnated come 30
  7. Spending too much time worrying about other people’s opinions - and worrying about things they can’t control.
  8. Overspending - due to point 7 and as per the quote below;
  9. Assuming 20s is the prime - for some people, the prime is 40. Others 50. 20–30s is just the physical prime. Many people waste their 20s and 30s, because they assume that `life isn’t worth living after 40`, so do silly things like overspend, because they assume life will be bad come 40. This is especially the case for people in early 20s. Most people are surprised to realize that, come 30, they are happier than ever
  10. Settling - for the wrong person.
  11. Trying to please everybody - and not pleasing anybody, including yourself
  12. Not learning from previous mistakes - and the mistakes and triumphs of other people.
  13. Wasting an inheritance - and not keeping hold of the money and goring it.